Our daily rituals of cooking and eating – and the connections that we make with each other in the process – inspire me.

I want to change how we see those basic, everyday tools in our homes - the ones we often overlook. I want to pull them out from dark drawers and push them into the spotlight. I want them to command attention and respect.

You’re here because you’re like me - thoughtful about what’s in your home. You surround yourself with meaningful items made with pride. Things aren’t just things – they’re an extension of you.

When I make things, it’s for people like you.

I’m always brainstorming about the next project. My dream is to have my own brick-and-mortar store with a café. I want people to pick stuff up and feel them in their hands. I want to create a sense of community over a shared love of good design and good coffee.

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John Cho Moore

P.S. Want to see a cool video of me? I used to make bags, too.